Glow Blue Kaleidoscope Goggles UV Reactive

Don't go to your next rave or music festival without pair of these blacklight reactive blue glowing kaleidoscope goggles! Here is why you need 'em:

  • High quality hard coated blue kaleidoscope goggles
  • Lights up under UV and blacklight
  • Crisp kaleidoscope effect
  • Face melting, beautiful rainbow colors
  • Adjustable strap
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Ships out within 24 hours
  • 30 day return policy

These blue UV kaleidoscope goggles are the premier glow-in-dark goggles of the Dem Vibes rave kaleidoscope line. They are made to be worn under a sky of lasers, fireworks and strobe lights. Enjoy the beautiful psychedelic rainbow colors and the face melting kaleidoscope effect these goggles offer. You will be deep down the Dem Vibes rabbit hole in no time. Steampunks, burners and raver unite!

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