Clear Kaleidoscope Glasses Flat Back Rainbow

Flat Back Dem Vibe Kaleidoscope Glasses provide the next level of psychedelic eyewear. This design is perfect for the rave because it is half the weight of others on the market. Here are the reasons why they will become your new favorite festival item:

  • Real glass crystal with fractal cut for a crisp kaleidoscope effect
  • Light weight: these weigh less than 2 ounces total!
  • Face melting, beautiful rainbow colors
  • Ships out within 24 hours
  • 30 day return policy, if you don't love them send them back and we will refund your purchase

Our Clear Kaleidoscope Flat Back Rainbow glasses are the love child of bass heavy electronic music and rainbow unicorns. Every aspect of them were designed with the modern raver in mind: beautiful psychedelic rainbow colors mix with face melting kaleidoscope effects and, to top it off? They are light weight so you can dance all night without them falling off of your face! With these kaleidoscope glasses, you will be deep down the Dem Vibes rabbit hole in no time.

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