Wholesale and Drop Shipping

Rave Clothing Wholesale

Dem Vibes is the premier rave clothing company. We offer an array of high quality products which are deeply rooted in the rave and electronic music culture. Some of the most prominent EDM blogs and publications have featured our products including:  YourEDM, The UntzMagnetic Mag, RaverRafting and ThatDrop.

On this page you can view the items we wholesale in the product list below. You can also learn more about our drop shipping program and how you can make money fast without an initial investment. We welcome you to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We will get back to you within 24 business hours.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a convenient way to market and sell Dem Vibes products on your own website without having to deal with the physical product. Instead, we handle the quality inspections, inventory management and fulfillment for you. The entire process can be broken down into 4 simple steps

  1. You add our products to your website
  2. Your customer orders a Dem Vibes product from your store and you collect the money from the sale
  3. You submit the order to us
  4. We package your customer's order and ship it out within 24 business hours

The arrangement is risk free because you collect your customer's payment before you pay us. You can think of it as cloud computing for e-commerce; let us deal with the product while you focus on branding, marketing, and growing your sales.

 Product Catalog

As opposed to offering an overwhelming variety of products, the Dem Vibes Wholesale and Dem Vibes Drop Shipping Program offers the highest quality products with the highest conversion rates. This saves you time when uploading products to your website and it saves you advertising dollars; you no longer need to spend money on ads for products which don't sell well. Furthermore, because we offer the best products within an array of categories, you will have ample opportunity to cross sell. Here is a list of the most popular products we currently offer:

  1. Men's Rave Clothing
    1. Lion Tank Top
    2. Lion T Shirt
    3. Panda Tank Top
    4. Panda T Shirt
    5. Eye Tank Top
    6. Faceburn Tank Top
    7. Faceburn T Shirt
    8. White Tiger Tank
    9. White Tiger T Shirt
    10. Singularity Tank
    11. Noctua Owl Tank
    12. Noctua Owl T Shirt
    13. Lips Rave Tank (now sublimated as opposed to screen print)
    14. Lips Rave Tee (now sublimated as opposed to screen print)
    15. WildeBass Rave Tank (now sublimated as opposed to screen print)
    16. WildeBass Rave Tee  (now sublimated as opposed to screen print)
    1. Kaleidoscope Glasses
      1. Flat Backs
        1. Black Flat Backs
        2. Clear Flat Backs
        3. Tribal Flat Backs
      2. Festivals
        1. Black Rainbow
        2. Clear Rainbow
        3. Tribal Rainbow
      3. Kaleidoscope Goggles
        1. Chrome
        2. Chrome Spiked
        3. Black Bolt
        4. Glow Green
        5. Glow Blue
        6. Glow Pink
      4. Light Up Furry Hood
      5. Light Up LED Flower Crowns (all colors)
        1. Diffraction Glasses
          1. Black
          2. White
          3. Pink
          4. Orange
          5. Purple
          6. Green
        2. Snapback Hats
          1. Cosmic Ice
          2. Fuchsia Space
          3. Black and White Cosmic
          4. Red Space
          5. Blue Cosmic Explosion
          6. Red Cosmic Explosion
          7. Blue Space

        How Do I Upload Your Products?

        After approving your account, we will send you all the images and copy you need to add our products to your website. We are compatible with all e-commerce platforms but we offer an on-boarding service for Shopify store owners; we will upload all of the product you would like to sell for you. Last, we are here to help and you can always reach us via email wholesale@demvibes.com or phone (888) 769-2702.

        How Do I Submit Orders?

        Orders can be submitted via email to wholesale@demvibes.com or through a Google Docs Shared Spreadsheet. For high volume Shopify stores, we will customize an automated solution for you.

        How Are My Orders Shipped?

        We fulfill all orders from our warehouse in southern California. We use high quality shipping boxes, poly bags, air cushions and bubble wrap to ensure a safe delivery. If you are interested we will include free Dem Vibes promotional items. Also, if you would like to add branding customization, you can send us your own promotional business cards/flyers/stickers to include in your orders.

        We utilize USPS for domestic and international shipments.

        Domestic shipping options

        1. USPS First Class Mail (2-5 day delivery)
        2. USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery)
        3. USPS Priority Express Mail (1-2 day delivery)

        International shipping options

        1. USPS International Mail First Class (2-5 weeks, tracking not guaranteed*)
        2. USPS International Mail Priority (6-12 days)
        3. USPS International Mail Express (3-5 days)

        All shipment options include a tracking number which can be to sent you or automatically sent to the customer.

        *Please note that we do not allow resale of Dem Vibes products on Amazon at this time*

        How To Get Started

        You can get started by filling out the form below- briefly introduce yourself and a Dem Vibes representative will be in contact with you shortly. We are looking forward to doing business with you.


        Your Dem Vibes Team