Rave Tank Tops and Rave Tee Shirts

Our Rave Tank Tops and Rave T Shirts

The love children of BASS and PLUR, the Dem Vibes rave tank tops and rave t shirts are inspired by the EDM lifestyle. Face melting graphics combine with lavish colors to strike the perfect balance between badass and beautiful. This balancing act is not novel; indeed it is inspired by the very music that moves us as one at the rave. After all, is EDM not filled with huge bass lines and beautiful melodies? It is this combination which gives our designs "dem vibes".

Our men's rave clothing took a long time to get right. We searched the world for the perfect material to keep you comfortable and keep the graphics vivid. Our high tech synthetic polyester blend is not your average sublimation material. It feels like a shirt, not a jersey, yet is soft to touch and retains its color wash after wash. Always unique and vibrant, these tank tops and tee shirts will stand out at any rave, festival or club and are guaranteed to melt faces.