Original Rave Tank Tops

Rave Tank Tops by Dem Vibes are the love child of BASS and PLUR. Being the quintessential rave top, we took extra care to hand select the best material for our tanks. Our all over sublimation prints are made of cutting edge high quality synthetic blends. They are all light weight to keep you cool and super soft to keep you comfortable.

Our designs were inspired by electronic music. EDM is unique in the way it blends heavy badass sub bass with beautiful chord progressions and synths; our designs mimic this combination. Our rave tank tops blend hard hitting bold themes with trippy splashes of color making these designs the perfect compliment to the EDM lifestyle. Always unique and vibrant, these tank tops will stand out at any rave, festival or club and are guaranteed to melt faces. 

At Dem Vibes we don't believe in crafting periods; no one wants to wait a month or more for their item to ship. Everything here is ready to ship and is normally fulfilled within 24 hours. We also stand behind the quality of our rave tanks and each one comes with our 30 day return policy. If you don't absolutely love your threads you can return them for credit or cash back.