Snapback Rave Hats

We created Dem Vibes rave hats to show the world that EDM is not a fad, it's a lifestyle. To understand our way of life, you have to first understand what us ravers are all about. On the surface Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect is a simple mantra but to us PLUR is deep and spiritual. It allows to connect with others in a way which is uniquely human. To us, this is the natural state of humans, the way we were suppose to be, the way we were before politics and borders separated and divided us.

The name Dem Vibes is heavily influenced by the spirituality of PLUR. Dem Vibes represents what we live for when we go to music festivals and EDM events; genuine and deep connections. It is not simply a gathering of humans but rather a gathering of souls and, in this environment, it is clear that loving and helping one another is crucial to the well being of mankind. But shouldn't we also strive to be this way outside of the festival gates? 

The snapback rave hats found in this collection are representative of the PLUR EDM lifestyle. The hats compliment your rave clothing and your way of life; they show your commitment to being PLUR everyday, not just inside the rave.

Every Dem Vibes hat has a snapback styling which ensures that one size will truly fit all. We have a 30 day return policy and, if you don't love your rave hat, you can return it for a refund. As always we are committed to fast shipping and product here is sent out within 24 hours.