Men's Rave Clothing by Dem Vibes

Loud and notoriously heavy hitting bass lines form the beating heart of electronic dance music. Our human ears might not be able to hear EDM sub bass, but our raver community certainly feels it. The low end of the bass forms the glue which binds us all together at the rave and, when the drop drops, we all move as one. When we set out to create the Dem Vibes men's rave clothing line, we knew exactly where to start; right next to huge subwoofers pumping out copious amounts of deep sound below 75 hertz.

Our rave clothing's inspiration from EDM doesn't stop there. Moving up the frequency spectrum we are introduced to melodies and harmonies delivered by graceful pianos, airy pads, and even reverberating vocals. Although the bass of electronic music may be ominous, dark and powerful, it is perfectly balanced with the beautiful, bright and luscious musical elements which sit on top. It is this musical content which allows us to relate to each individual song at the rave.

Every design we create in the men's line mimics this balance EDM brings us. Our themes are always influenced by a good dose of badass while the array of trippy colors balances strength with vibrance and beauty. Our culture is hard for outsiders to understand so, when you wear Dem Vibes clothing, know that you are representing your love for the EDM lifestyle.

Finally, we don't believe in crafting periods. We think it is unfair to make you spend your hard earned money only to wait over a month to receive a tank, shirt or hoodie. Every item in our men's rave clothing line usually ships out within 24 hours. And we stand behind the quality of our product with a 30 day return policy. If you don't love your new threads you can return them for either store credit or a refund.