Kaleidoscope Glasses

Why are Dem Vibes kaleidoscope glasses are the ultimate rave accessory? Let's start with the obvious; they are trippy. TrippyAF. They turn your world into a beautiful array of spirals, fractals, prisms and rainbows.  Kaleidoscope glasses are perfect for light shows and big stages with crazy visuals and lasers. Bottom line? They take the rave to the next level... and who wouldn't want that?

At Dem Vibes we offer a wide selection of Kaleidoscope Glasses. We know this can be confusing so here is the breakdown:

1. Flat Back Kaleidoscope Glasses

These are our personal favorites. As opposed to the original design of kaleidoscope glasses, these are cut in half which significantly reduces the weight of the glasses. You can dance at the festival all night long and these rave glasses will stay where they are suppose to; on your face. They also offer more clarity than other lens' we sell yet offer a beautiful spectral kaleidoscope effect. Unsure of which to choose? Then grab a pair of these!

2. Festival Kaleidoscope Glasses

We designed the festival kaleidoscope glasses with the modern raver/festival goer in mind. It's simple; ravers need something light so they can dance when the drop drops. Well turns out that is really hard to do when a heavy pair of the original kaleidoscope glasses are on your face! These weigh in at a measly 1.3 ounces- perfect! Here is something else we all know as ravers; at the festival we are trying to turn up! So the Dem Vibes Festival Kaleidoscope Glasses come with, hands down, the most distorted lens we sell. They all come in a space wormhole style which are sure to transport you to a new world filled with bass, spirals and lasers. Note: not for amateurs and we don't recommend walking around with them. 

3. Original Kaleidoscope Glasses

These are the lenses that started it all. The originals are the pair for you if you like to casually bob your head at the rave or if you want to wear these in a more casual setting. The tradeoff in weight is well worth it; they offer the most vivid kaleidoscope effect when compared to the other 2 styles. We offer them in a rainbow lens but there is also a wormhole version just in case you want to fly through the galaxy.

So grab a pair and come deep down the Dem Vibes rabbit hole; come see the world the way we do.