Buyers Guide to Kaleidoscope Glasses & Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles

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Kaleidoscope glasses and kaleidoscope goggles are the hot new trend taking over the EDM rave scene. Picking up where diffraction glasses left off, kaleidoscope glasses and kaleidoscope goggles are this years must have psychedelic rave accessory. In this post we will explore the different types of lenses and make some recommendations based on our personal experiences.

Original Lens

Originally kaleidoscope glasses were tricky. They made a cool effect and, visually, were stunning. They were perfect for sitting at home, laying on your bed and getting lost in your music while staring at the prism effects they made. But their bulk and heavy weight made them very impractical for the rave or for the music festival. This is why, at Dem Vibes, we focus on practicality. After all, our goal is to dance all night...

Flat Back Lens

Our first go to recommendation for our raver friends is the Flat Back Kaleidoscope Glasses. By applying a special cut to the original lens, these glasses are half the weight of the original predecessor. They also offer more visibility than the originals as their effect isn't as overbearing.

"The old pair I used to have fell right off my face when I danced. It was silly so I just ended up leaving them at home. But the Dem Vibes Flat Backs offer a crisp kaleidoscope effect and, when the drop hits, I can move without worrying about holding them up."


If you have never tried kaleidoscope glasses before and you aren't sure where to start, then a pair of Dem Vibes Flat Backs will be a good fit. They come in a few different frames besides jet black, including the tribal kaleidoscope frame (pictured above) and a clear kaleidoscope frame.

Festival Lens

festival glasses

The festival kaleidoscope glasses were made for the big shows. Coming in at only 1.3 ounces, they are the lightest pair of kaleidoscope glasses on the market. Perfect if you go hard and don't want to hold back your energy. The lens effect is radically different than the flat backs as they are a "portal" otherwise known as a "wormhole". As opposed to seeing cool kaleidoscope prisms like the flat backs, these make you feel as if you are blasting off through space. They heavily distort your world so don't expect to see too much of what is actually in front of you; first find your space then break them out and get your space time travel on. They perform best while being blasted with flashing lights, lasers and bass. 

"I didn't like them at first, they were a little too intense for me. But then, I learned to relax my eyes and let the lights take me away. Now the festival kaleidoscopes are my go-to pair!"


The festivals come with clear lenses or with a rainbow tint. So which do you choose? The rainbows look really cool and are a little more popular. However, the colors on the rainbow tint naturally filter out some light. So, if you want to see more of the light effects from the stage, grab a pair of clear festival lenses. Both styles are offered with the alternative tribal frame or clear frame.

Kaleidoscope Goggles

Kaleidoscope Goggles

Borrowing from the burning man steampunk trend, kaleidoscope goggles are a unique way to enjoy our trippy kaleidoscope world. They come in three different versions: chrome kaleidoscope goggles, spiked kaleidoscope goggles and black bolt kaleidoscope goggles

Rave goggles have practical advantages over their eyeglass counter parts; the glass in the frame is larger which offers more visibility than the glasses. Also, the built in strap lets you wear the frames as a bandanna so you don't have to worry about losing them when they are not in use.

"The chrome goggles have become a staple in my rave life. I love the streampunk feel and the glass is really special. The strap let's me head bang as needed... The only problem is everyone wants to try them on!"

If you have any questions or need some more personal advice on your rave accessories, shoot us an email at and we will be happy to help you find your perfect match of trippy rave eyewear!

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