Why is PLUR and Rave Clothing Missing From the Club?

It is January and we are in the middle of the festival off season. Kinetic field might not be setup in the speedway but there is good news; all our favorite DJs are on tour. Every weekend there's someone playing somewhere here in LA. I always find myself fantasizing about the crowd and dreaming that the club vibes will resemble the beloved festival vibes. Yet for some reason I'm always disappointed. Why is that?

I love the festival, not only because I get to see all of my favorite DJs in a short period of time, but also because of the abundant amount of PLUR and positive energy. I love trading kandi and meeting new people. I love to see the face melting outfits everyone is wearing. I love to dance my booty off then turn around to the stranger next to me to give them a big hug. Us ravers are super happy and super approachable... So why is that missing from the club? Where is the PLUR?

My boyfriend, Brian, and I decided to do an experiment. Cosmic Gate is our favorite electronic group and they were playing at a local club, Exchange LA. We bought a pair of tickets and decided to bring the rave. I wore kandi and brought a few pairs of Dem Vibes Kaleidoscope Glasses and Diffraction Glasses. Brian decided to wear our Light Up Furry Rave Hood and our Pray for Paris Rave T Shirt. It certainly wasn't usual club attire. We were a bit anxious that our rave gear wouldn't be accepted...

Rave Clothing

Well we were dead wrong! Our rave clothes for the club were a hit!! We felt right at home dancing to the beautiful set Cosmic Gate laid down and, in combination with the quality production and perfectly tuned system of Exchange LA, we felt like we were back inside the festival gates. It felt like home. 

I feel like wearing kandi gives you immediate solidarity with fellow ravers. It was so easy to make friends by sharing our glasses. So many people complimented Brian’s furry rave hood. Everyone wanted to say hi and take a picture. We brought the PLUR vibes and everyone followed suit. It was awesome.

I wish I saw more of that in the club. EDM is not just a fad; It’s a lifestyle. So why must we limit that vibe to just the festival? With all of the negativity and violence around the world, this is one small way to spread our peace, love unity, and respect. So next time you go to the club to see your favorite dj, bring the festival plur vibes with you. I promise you won’t regret it!

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