The Beat Drops, the Charts Rise: the Growth of the EDM Industry [Infographic]

Electronic dance music is a genre that is constantly evolving. It is music that, day in and day out, is being reevaluated and reinvented according to the wants and the needs of listeners worldwide.

While some critics may try to see EDM as just another fad, today’s rave culture knows that it is here to stay. To fans, to DJs, to audiophiles all over the globe, electronic music is an ever-growing genre: in our ears, in our hearts, on the stage, and on the charts. Now we’ve done the research to prove it.

Our team at Dem Vibes has put together the following infographic to show you all just how much of an impact EDM has made on the music industry today. Its success is largely because of you. Since its Detroit roots in the 1970s, EDM has only continued to evolve— it has gained great recognition at the Grammys, in magazines, and respect from the entire commercial music industry. From house music to dub step, the sub-genres of electronic music have made up some of the most epic live music events today—ones that get more attention and attendance than any other genre of music.

Did you know that live music constitutes the largest part of the global EDM industry? That’s because fans like you, on average, attend 3 to 5 EDM festivals or live events per year! If you witnessed DaftPunk’s debut performance at Coachella in 2006, or saw Bassnectar’s unbelievable light show at the most recent EDC Vegas, you likely already know that electronic music is only progressing forward.

No one can really say that EDM is only a genre of the time, that it is temporary or that it is fleeting. Because the beauty of electronic dance music is that it evolves with the times. With today’s access to technology, music software, talented artists, and the undeniable contagion that its beats carry through the speakers, it is no wonder that EDM is at the highest point it has ever been. Even still, we believe that it is only getting started.

Read on for more information about the growth of the EDM industry. We also encourage you to check out our pages of EDM artists for the latest, up-and-coming DJs. If you and your friends have an EDM festival forecasted for the near future, be sure to get the latest Dem Vibes gear in time for the show. It will undoubtedly be an event to remember.


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