Top 5 Female EDM DJs: Style Inspiration

Have you ever noticed that most EDM artists we see in the limelight are men? There’s no excuse for the scene to be such a boy’s club so I’d like to take a moment today to give a few of my favorite female DJs the love they deserve. Not only do all of these ladies have some serious talent behind the turntables but each of them has a really cool and unique sense of style that is an inspiration to us all! And when it comes to EDM fashion for women, who better to turn to than the ones standing at the helm?

Here are the top 5 damn good djs right now (who just happen to be girls) and some tips on how you can achieve their style:

rave fashion for women


Australian twins Miriam and Olivia Nervo got their start as song-writers, which led to co-writing the Grammy Award-winning single “When Love Takes Over” performed by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. That was just the beginning for this dynamic duo, they’ve been topping the charts all over the world ever since and booking major festivals like Electric Zoo, Ultra and Tomorrowland. These girls put on such a great show - they’re natural performers, for sure – and they’re not afraid to be bold when it comes to their outfits. You’ll often see them in rave costumes or big bright glitzy patterns. Inspired by their look? Pick up one of our coolest rave one pieces, the Tiger UV Rave Romper! It glows under UV light!

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Maya Jane Coles

Hailing from London, Maya’s impressive downtempo beats have made her an international hit in just a few short years. She arrived on the scene in 2010 and has already recorded two BBC Radio 1 Essential Mixes and won endless awards for her work. Under her real name she mixes mostly house music, while her alias Nocturnal Sunshine produces dubstep-inspired tracks. On and off the stage, Maya really plays to a dark side, which I can totally appreciate. It reminds me of the early days of dance music and it’s origins in Detroit and LA. Her punk style is evident in her cute haircut that never stays one color for very long. For a look inspired by her and her music, try a pair of "black X marks the spot" rave pasties and the black mesh triangle top.

For all my Tomorrowworld Ravers, catch her this week at Tomorrowworld on Saturday night!



Tokimosta, aka Jennifer Lee, first caught my eye at EDC LV this year. Her sick beats and fresh style really made her stand out. Then I found out she was the first female artist to sign to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label which is where she released her Midnight Menu LP in 2010. Huge! Not to mention, this LA native’s style does not disappoint. She’s really got the LA street fashion cool girl look down pat: the pastel hair, bright red lip and whimsical pop-y prints. For an outfit inspired by this electronic goddess, try a rave one-piece paired with a snapback Dem Vibes Rave hat.



Magda was born in Poland but raised in the birthplace of the underground dance music scene, Detroit. In 1998 she joined Minus Records and began touring with Richie Hawtin. It was through his tutelage that she really developed her minimalist style but her femininity and energy are what helped her top the charts and become known as the “Queen of Minimal”. For a minimal look a la Magda, try the "Triangles and Circles" rave leggings and the matching Triangles and Circles Rave Crop Top.

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Alison Wonderland

Alison is bit of a newcomer on the scene - she just released her debut album Run via EMI Australia in March 2015- but this Australian native is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Her music is bold and eclectic – her sounds range from pop to techno, trap to future beats and more – and her shows are epic with striking videos and light shows to match. It’s no surprise her fashion style reflects her music and you’ll often find her sporting super simple graphic tees on top but then party pants on the bottom. Get her style by rocking these Unicorn Rave leggings!

Remember, any of these outfits can always be taken to the next level with some accessories. Check out the Women’s Rave Accessories section on the Dem Vibes website.

Who are your favorite female djs right now? Let me know in the Facebook comments. And we want to see your rave fashion! Tag us on Insta @DemVibesGear. 



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