What to Bring to an EDM Festival

Going to an upcoming EDM festival, like TomorrowWorld, and don’t know what to pack? Don’t worry, we've got you covered!

First things first, when you’re starting to plan your festival outfits for your next rave, check the weather forecast. Generally, for summer festivals like EDC, Electric Zoo and Tomorroworld, rave tank tops will be your go-tos, guys. You can’t have enough of them and these sick tanks from Dem Vibes will make you stand out in the crowd.

rave tank tops for men

And for my ladies, rave tops, rave one pieces and rave booty shorts will be your staples. Maybe you are going to Snow Globe in Lake Tahoe for New Years Eve? Grab a pair of amazing leggings and a furry light up rave hoody to keep you warm. Wherever you’re headed, you’ll also want to make sure to throw a bunch of rave accessories in your bag like light up jewelry, flower crowns, and kaleidoscope glasses to enhance your festival experience.

womens rave accessories

When packing for the night of the show I love being prepared for anything, but less is more when it comes to packing for a big festival! Most festivals won’t allow bags larger than 12” by 12” so I carry a small fanny-pack or a camelback that will carry my most essential items. Dem Vibes carries a magical pack called the Drop Pack– this thing holds more than you would imagine. PLUS the elastic band fits super snug to your body, so it doesn’t bounce around when the beat drops. Get it, *drop* pack? ;)

Then, my festival essentials are as follows:

  1. Phone
  2. Small card wallet for my ID and a credit card... or two
  3. Cash for emergencies
  4. Kaleidoscope Glasses and/or Diffraction glasses
  5. Chap stick or lip gloss*
  6. Gum*
  7. Emergen C
  8. A single dose of Aspirin
  9. Festival Maps
  10. Napkins (can act as TP in a pinch!)
  11. Hand sanitizer *
  12. Lighter
  13. Sunscreen *
  14. Extra batteries

NOTE: generally anything marked with a * may need to be sealed to get through security. This means, for a three day festival, you will need to buy three packs of sealed gum.

Many festivals, like TomorrowWorld, are adopting cashless currencies where you load money onto your bracelet. Your bracelet is then used to pay food and drink vendors as opposed to cash or your credit card. It does make things a little bit easier and faster at the festival, but make sure to load up your bracelet BEFORE going in or else you may get stuck empty handed at the front of the smoothie line.

Something else I would HIGHLY recommend bringing the night of the festival is a rave totem. Totems got started as a way to find your friends in a crowd at a massive festival, but then festival goers started getting creative with them. They can be so fun! I cannot stress enough how important these things can be when you have a large squad! With the totem you can feel at ease about wandering off to see your favorite DJ at another stage because it will be easy to come back and find your friends afterwards. NOTE: It is a bonus if the totem lights up!

what to bring to a music festival

And last but certainly not least, bring your smile and good vibes! We’re all at the rave to listen to amazing music, dance our butts off and have fun, so even if you forget everything else, don’t leave your smile at home.With PLUR, 


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