5 Rave Accessories You Must Have in your Rave Bag


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Posted by EDM Maniac on Sunday, June 7, 2015


I don’t know about you, ladies, but I don’t ever feel like my rave outfit is complete until I accessorize. Adding accessories to your outfit will not only make your outfit pop but it is the absolute best way to bring out your personality at a rave. Remember, there may be 100,000 ravers at your next festival but there’s only one YOU. Let your spirit shine, you gorgeous thing! You’ve never looked more beautiful than when you’re being your true self.

Sometimes I plan my outfits weeks in advance but then other times I’ll change up my look last minute, depending on the vibe of the moment. Here are the 5 staple rave accessories you should always have in your rave bag to make sure you can be ready for any outfit.

1. Rave Leg Wraps Leg wraps are SO flattering on everyone! I’m a bit on the curvier side myself and sometimes I can feel a little self conscious in super short booty shorts. But then I bought myself a pair of leg wraps and I have never felt sexier. Switch up the look by wrapping them around your arms or waist and you have yourself a super versatile accessory that’s PLURfect for any party.

2. Flower crowns I am addicted to flower crowns. I have a shoe box dedicated to these beautifully feminine head pieces. They are my absolute favorite accessory because flowers instantly brighten up anyone’s mood. It’s science! Buy one (or even make one) because when in doubt about your outfit, add a flower crown. You can’t go wrong.

3. Pasties have grown in popularity over the last year and they’ve definitely become mainstream rave gear. If you’re going for a super fun look that’s equally frisky and bold, rock a pair of these amazing pasties. There are so many great designs, but I think my favorites are the classic Heart Pasties or the Ladybugs. Mix and match them with a mesh rave top for some added support and coverage. So cute!

4. Light up LED Rave Accessories Even if you’re going to a day festival, there’s likely to be a part of the rave that happens at night in the dark. Trust me, there is nothing you’ll love more than to have a few pieces of jewelry that light up. Plus, it adds to the atmosphere of the rave and will enhance the experience of your fellow ravers. Sometimes, I’ll buy a few of these items in bulk and give them away as gifts to beautiful people that cross my path.

5. Kaleidoscope Glasses and Diffraction Glasses All our dreams came true when these glasses were created. The second you put them on, they will blow your mind with the coolest visuals of polymorphic color – like your own personal light show! Also, they’re on super sale at DemVibes right now – get ‘em while they’re hot!

Last but not least, don’t forget to throw on a few pieces of kandi! Make it or trade it, but try not to buy it unless it’s something REALLY special. Kandi is such a beautiful thing as it reminds us to continue to spread PLUR inside and outside the rave. Check out Aubrey’s post on the Meaning Behind Kandi to learn a little more.

What are some of your favorite accessories? Show us via Instragram by tagging us @demvibesgear!! Xo. Jess

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