Why Glasses Are a Must For Your Next Rave


There is a new rave accessory trend taking the music festival scene by storm and this time we aren't talking about glove diffusers or poi LEDS. Rave glasses are the new obsession and for good reason; they safely enhance the festival experience by altering the way light reaches your eyes. They are a great way to make new friends at the rave and, as a bonus, they look fresh. Here are your options:

1. Diffraction GlassesThese are rave classics. By altering the way light waves move, diffraction glasses turn flashing stage lights and lasers into beautiful bursts of color and rainbows. Until recently they were most often seen as cheesy paper glasses that fell off but now they come on a pair of sturdy stylish frames and in all sorts of colors; for example these orange diffraction glasses are bomb.

2. Kaleidoscope Glasses The ultimate festival accessory, the Dem Vibes Immersion Kaleidoscope Glasses transport you deep down the rabbit hole. Unlike others on the market, these don't simply make a kaleidoscope effect when something flashes. Instead, they throw you into a world of colors and lights. As a side note: one thing that drives us nuts is how heavy other kaleidoscope are. This is a bummer because it makes dancing difficult- so we designed these to be super light weight and comfortable. Grab your own pair of kaleidoscope glasses for your next rave.



3. LED Shutter Shades This blog post would not be complete without mentioning another rave glasses classic, the LED Shutter Shades. Like our diffraction glasses, these are made of sturdy durable frames and are paired with bright flashing El wire. It has a battery pack that you can clip onto your belt/drop pack and an on/off/flash setting button.


What is your favorite rave accessory? Comment below and let us know!

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