Why Sublimation Tanks and Tees are All the Rage

There is a new clothing trend among our generation and it's taking the world by storm. Dye sublimation tank tops and dye sublimation t-shirts are radically different than traditional screen prints. For a quick example of the two, let's compare Sheldon's Council of Ladies Tee to the Dem Vibes White Tiger Tank...

Screen print from Sheldon's Council of Ladies:

dye sublimation tank tops for raves

White Tiger Sublimation Tank from Dem Vibes:

sublimation white tiger rave tank top

So what is so special about sublimation threads?

1. It's the future. Screen printing has been around for decades and has seen a relatively small amount of innovation. Sublimation on the other hand is a futuristic process involving super high tech computer printers and special high end synthetic fabrics.

2. The design feels "inside" the shirt. When you touch a graphic of a screen print, you can feel the paint "on top" of the tank or tee but with sublimation the graphic rests "inside the threads" and is completely smooth. This creates a sleek feel which no other printing process can offer.

3. The graphics are insane. Because the ink is "printed" by a computer, we can make some insane rave gear. Everything from the Electro Lion, to the Eye, to the Space Kitty can be printed in rich detail.

4. Each Tank/Tee is unique. The sublimation process isn't mass produced the same way screen prints are. In fact, a lot of our competitors have hand crafting periods associated with their sublimation tanks and tees because the process is so delicate. Because of this delicate process, each tank/tee you purchase will have it's own minor imperfections which add character and make them uniquely yours.  NOTE: THERE ARE NO CRAFTING PERIODS AT DEM VIEBS;  unlike some of our competitors we don't believe in making our customers wait! When you order a sublimation garment at Dem Vibes it will be sent out within 24 hours.


At Dem Vibes we have a 30 day PLURFECT return policy so grab a sublimation tank/tee or two and try it out. If you don't absolutely love them, send them back to get a full refund.

Have any questions about sublimation? Write us in the comments below and we will be happy to answer!

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