Rave Totems

rave totems

If you ask just anyone what a totem is they'll probably tell you it's a tower thing that has to do with Native American culture. If you ask a raver what a totem is their face will light up with excitement from flashbacks of their last festival; you will be sure to get a prideful answer of how a totem is a symbol of their rave family, a staple, a tower of representation, a sign of freedom. 

Not only is the rave totem a creative way for you and your rave family to stand out in the crowd, it is also a symbol of your tribe. The tribe leader holds this totem with pride and the tribesmen gather around. You claim your space at main stage and you dance the night away.

A totem also solves that awful feeling of separation anxiety because hey, a festival with 140,000 ravers can be overwhelming. You need to refill your camel back? Go to the bathroom? A break from the crowd? No worries! Do your thing and your crew will be right there, dancing away underneath your high flying totem.

A totem can also be a way to summon a tribe or new rave family. At Dem Vibes, we love totems that say "Single Ravers", "Radiate Positivity", "Good Vibes" or "If you're lost come dance with us!" What a great icebreaker that last one is- you automatically know that tribe is cool.

So next time you attend a festival, especially with a large group, consider making a totem. Let your creativity shine and symbolize your personality. Make it memorable. Make it stand out! Hold them up high! After all, how cool would it be to see your totem in the after movie?! Happy festival seasons my fellow ravers and don't forget, Totems Up!!

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