Rave Outfits on a Budget

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Festival season is in full force and I don’t know about you but money is tight! Especially when there’s more festivals to attend than ever before!

EDCLV is the highlight for me this season because 1. It’s the 20th anniversary and 2. It’s my 3 year anniversary with my bae. We’re going all 3 days and I want my outfits to be the best yet, without breaking the bank. I plan to combine a few handmade items along with some pieces from Dem Vibes. This will ensure I will truly be unique under the Electric Sky. My goal is to spend less than $100 for each outfit. Time to get creative!

Dem Vibes has an assortment of solid colored tops and bottoms so it’s easy to mix and match. I’ve chosen the Black Cut Out Booty Shorts, ($12.45), Pink Side Tie Scrunch Bottoms, ($11.95), and the Blue Booty Shorts, ($11.95), Black Fluffies, ($24.95), and last but definitely not least, 3 pairs of leg wraps, ($7.95 each).

Now for my tops, I’ve decided to embellish some bras. I think this is the best route to go for uniqueness and cost efficiency. You can find plain solid colored bras pretty much anywhere. I’d like to stay under $20 for each bra so Target is the next stop, followed by my favorite craft store, Michaels.

This is where the fun begins. I love picking out different colored flowers and rhinestones for my DIY rave bras. Don’t forget a hot glue gun! You can get a box of rhinestones for $10 and a bunch of flowers for less than $20. Now let your creative juices flow! After everything is said and done, we are coming in well under $100 per outfit. Well done!!!

Of course the one accessory you cannot forget that comes in at a whopping FREE dollars is your smile. No outfit is complete without a beaming beautiful happy face. I would love to see your outfits and hear your rave outfit ideas, so please comment and send pics! Happy festival season!!


Photo Credit: Rukes


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