Trending Rave Outfits for Guys in 2016

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Festival season is finally back and we couldn't be more excited at the Dem Vibes HQ! Usually, when the world talks about festival fashion, the nature of the subject revolves around booty shorts and fluffies and... well... who can complain about that!? But, to all the PLUR spreading gentlemen out there, 2016 is the time to step up your game! Let's leave those old college tees and basketball shorts at home; we are ravers and it is time to take a step into the rabbit hole and embrace the world of trippy all-over-prints, rave goggles and light up hoods.

Men's sublimated all-over-print rave tank tops and tees shirts continue to impress *everyone* at the rave. Not only are they great conversation starters but they also wick away sweat. And hey, if you're not sweating or starting conversations with your fellow ravers, you might not be doing it right ;) ! Remember, everything we sell at Dem Vibes ships out within 24 business hours- we don't do crafting periods so you never have to wait! Here are a few of our most popular designs so far this year:

Eye Rave Tank Top

rave tank tops for guys

Electro Lion Rave Tank Top 


Space Panda Rave Tank Top

Think our light up furry rave hoods are just for women? Think again. I love rocking these at raves or in the club, although I rock them a little differently than my girlfriend does. Instead of placing the whole hood over my head, I throw it over my shoulders... Because who doesn't want to headbang with a light up furry hood that flips into the air when the snares hit?

mens rave trends

Personally I think the biggest trend of 2016 will be the Kaleidoscope Goggles. Not only are these things trippy AF, but they are convenient too. Each one we ship out has a nice little strap which means head bangers and drop jumpers no longer have to worry about their eye wear falling onto the ground and getting crushed. Also, when you are ready to take a break from the kaleidoscope world of rainbows, unicorns and blasting lights, you can flip the goggles up onto your forehead. Now you won't have to worry about holding them or loosing them. Plus who doesn't like the steampunk look? A touch of burning man is good way to spice up your PLUR vibe.

Us ravers have an affinity for outer space. That's why our snapback rave hats line is all about the galaxy. We carefully selected the colors we used to create these hats so that you can mix and match them with our tanks and tees.

Cosmic Ice Snapback Rave Hat

If you have any questions or if you want some personalized rave outfit recommendations, please don't hesitate to drop us an email: We would love to hear from you!!

With Peace, Love, Unity and Respect,


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