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festival outfit ideas

Festival season is in full force and I don’t know about you but money is tight! Especially when there’s more festivals to attend than ever before!

EDCLV is the highlight for me this season because 1. It’s the 20th anniversary and 2. It’s my 3 year anniversary with my bae. We’re going all 3 days and I want my outfits to be the best yet, without breaking the bank. I plan to combine a few handmade items along with some pieces from Dem Vibes. This will ensure I will truly be unique under the Electric Sky. My goal is to spend less than $100 for each outfit. Time to get creative!

Dem Vibes has an assortment of solid colored tops and bottoms so it’s easy to mix and match. I’ve chosen the Black Cut Out Booty Shorts, ($12.45), Pink Side Tie Scrunch Bottoms, ($11.95), and the Blue Booty Shorts, ($11.95), Black Fluffies, ($24.95), and last but definitely not least, 3 pairs of leg wraps, ($7.95 each).

Now for my tops, I’ve decided to embellish some bras. I think this is the best route to go for uniqueness and cost efficiency. You can find plain solid colored bras pretty much anywhere. I’d like to stay under $20 for each bra so Target is the next stop, followed by my favorite craft store, Michaels.

This is where the fun begins. I love picking out different colored flowers and rhinestones for my DIY rave bras. Don’t forget a hot glue gun! You can get a box of rhinestones for $10 and a bunch of flowers for less than $20. Now let your creative juices flow! After everything is said and done, we are coming in well under $100 per outfit. Well done!!!

Of course the one accessory you cannot forget that comes in at a whopping FREE dollars is your smile. No outfit is complete without a beaming beautiful happy face. I would love to see your outfits and hear your rave outfit ideas, so please comment and send pics! Happy festival season!!


Photo Credit: Rukes


rave trends

Festival season is finally back and we couldn't be more excited at the Dem Vibes HQ! Usually, when the world talks about festival fashion, the nature of the subject revolves around booty shorts and fluffies and... well... who can complain about that!? But, to all the PLUR spreading gentlemen out there, 2016 is the time to step up your game! Let's leave those old college tees and basketball shorts at home; we are ravers and it is time to take a step into the rabbit hole and embrace the world of trippy all-over-prints, rave goggles and light up hoods.

Men's sublimated all-over-print rave tank tops and tees shirts continue to impress *everyone* at the rave. Not only are they great conversation starters but they also wick away sweat. And hey, if you're not sweating or starting conversations with your fellow ravers, you might not be doing it right ;) ! Remember, everything we sell at Dem Vibes ships out within 24 business hours- we don't do crafting periods so you never have to wait! Here are a few of our most popular designs so far this year:

Eye Rave Tank Top

rave tank tops for guys

Electro Lion Rave Tank Top 


Space Panda Rave Tank Top

Think our light up furry rave hoods are just for women? Think again. I love rocking these at raves or in the club, although I rock them a little differently than my girlfriend does. Instead of placing the whole hood over my head, I throw it over my shoulders... Because who doesn't want to headbang with a light up furry hood that flips into the air when the snares hit?

mens rave trends

Personally I think the biggest trend of 2016 will be the Kaleidoscope Goggles. Not only are these things trippy AF, but they are convenient too. Each one we ship out has a nice little strap which means head bangers and drop jumpers no longer have to worry about their eye wear falling onto the ground and getting crushed. Also, when you are ready to take a break from the kaleidoscope world of rainbows, unicorns and blasting lights, you can flip the goggles up onto your forehead. Now you won't have to worry about holding them or loosing them. Plus who doesn't like the steampunk look? A touch of burning man is good way to spice up your PLUR vibe.

Us ravers have an affinity for outer space. That's why our snapback rave hats line is all about the galaxy. We carefully selected the colors we used to create these hats so that you can mix and match them with our tanks and tees.

Cosmic Ice Snapback Rave Hat

If you have any questions or if you want some personalized rave outfit recommendations, please don't hesitate to drop us an email: plur@demvibes.com We would love to hear from you!!

With Peace, Love, Unity and Respect,


rave glasses

Kaleidoscope glasses and kaleidoscope goggles are the hot new trend taking over the EDM rave scene. Picking up where diffraction glasses left off, kaleidoscope glasses and kaleidoscope goggles are this years must have psychedelic rave accessory. In this post we will explore the different types of lenses and make some recommendations based on our personal experiences.

Original Lens

Originally kaleidoscope glasses were tricky. They made a cool effect and, visually, were stunning. They were perfect for sitting at home, laying on your bed and getting lost in your music while staring at the prism effects they made. But their bulk and heavy weight made them very impractical for the rave or for the music festival. This is why, at Dem Vibes, we focus on practicality. After all, our goal is to dance all night...

Flat Back Lens

Our first go to recommendation for our raver friends is the Flat Back Kaleidoscope Glasses. By applying a special cut to the original lens, these glasses are half the weight of the original predecessor. They also offer more visibility than the originals as their effect isn't as overbearing.

"The old pair I used to have fell right off my face when I danced. It was silly so I just ended up leaving them at home. But the Dem Vibes Flat Backs offer a crisp kaleidoscope effect and, when the drop hits, I can move without worrying about holding them up."


If you have never tried kaleidoscope glasses before and you aren't sure where to start, then a pair of Dem Vibes Flat Backs will be a good fit. They come in a few different frames besides jet black, including the tribal kaleidoscope frame (pictured above) and a clear kaleidoscope frame.

Festival Lens

festival glasses

The festival kaleidoscope glasses were made for the big shows. Coming in at only 1.3 ounces, they are the lightest pair of kaleidoscope glasses on the market. Perfect if you go hard and don't want to hold back your energy. The lens effect is radically different than the flat backs as they are a "portal" otherwise known as a "wormhole". As opposed to seeing cool kaleidoscope prisms like the flat backs, these make you feel as if you are blasting off through space. They heavily distort your world so don't expect to see too much of what is actually in front of you; first find your space then break them out and get your space time travel on. They perform best while being blasted with flashing lights, lasers and bass. 

"I didn't like them at first, they were a little too intense for me. But then, I learned to relax my eyes and let the lights take me away. Now the festival kaleidoscopes are my go-to pair!"


The festivals come with clear lenses or with a rainbow tint. So which do you choose? The rainbows look really cool and are a little more popular. However, the colors on the rainbow tint naturally filter out some light. So, if you want to see more of the light effects from the stage, grab a pair of clear festival lenses. Both styles are offered with the alternative tribal frame or clear frame.

Kaleidoscope Goggles

Kaleidoscope Goggles

Borrowing from the burning man steampunk trend, kaleidoscope goggles are a unique way to enjoy our trippy kaleidoscope world. They come in three different versions: chrome kaleidoscope goggles, spiked kaleidoscope goggles and black bolt kaleidoscope goggles

Rave goggles have practical advantages over their eyeglass counter parts; the glass in the frame is larger which offers more visibility than the glasses. Also, the built in strap lets you wear the frames as a bandanna so you don't have to worry about losing them when they are not in use.

"The chrome goggles have become a staple in my rave life. I love the streampunk feel and the glass is really special. The strap let's me head bang as needed... The only problem is everyone wants to try them on!"

If you have any questions or need some more personal advice on your rave accessories, shoot us an email at plur@demvibes.com and we will be happy to help you find your perfect match of trippy rave eyewear!

It is January and we are in the middle of the festival off season. Kinetic field might not be setup in the speedway but there is good news; all our favorite DJs are on tour. Every weekend there's someone playing somewhere here in LA. I always find myself fantasizing about the crowd and dreaming that the club vibes will resemble the beloved festival vibes. Yet for some reason I'm always disappointed. Why is that?

I love the festival, not only because I get to see all of my favorite DJs in a short period of time, but also because of the abundant amount of PLUR and positive energy. I love trading kandi and meeting new people. I love to see the face melting outfits everyone is wearing. I love to dance my booty off then turn around to the stranger next to me to give them a big hug. Us ravers are super happy and super approachable... So why is that missing from the club? Where is the PLUR?

My boyfriend, Brian, and I decided to do an experiment. Cosmic Gate is our favorite electronic group and they were playing at a local club, Exchange LA. We bought a pair of tickets and decided to bring the rave. I wore kandi and brought a few pairs of Dem Vibes Kaleidoscope Glasses and Diffraction Glasses. Brian decided to wear our Light Up Furry Rave Hood and our Pray for Paris Rave T Shirt. It certainly wasn't usual club attire. We were a bit anxious that our rave gear wouldn't be accepted...

Rave Clothing

Well we were dead wrong! Our rave clothes for the club were a hit!! We felt right at home dancing to the beautiful set Cosmic Gate laid down and, in combination with the quality production and perfectly tuned system of Exchange LA, we felt like we were back inside the festival gates. It felt like home. 

I feel like wearing kandi gives you immediate solidarity with fellow ravers. It was so easy to make friends by sharing our glasses. So many people complimented Brian’s furry rave hood. Everyone wanted to say hi and take a picture. We brought the PLUR vibes and everyone followed suit. It was awesome.

I wish I saw more of that in the club. EDM is not just a fad; It’s a lifestyle. So why must we limit that vibe to just the festival? With all of the negativity and violence around the world, this is one small way to spread our peace, love unity, and respect. So next time you go to the club to see your favorite dj, bring the festival plur vibes with you. I promise you won’t regret it!

EDM Isn’t Falling

December 01, 2015


Despite SFX Entertainment’s Recent Challenges, the EDM Industry Continues to Evolve.

sfx entertainment

You all may have seen the news over the last couple of months: from Forbes to Billboard, major publications have attempted to forecast the future of EDM music based on a terrible flop of recent events. Alongside the muddy fiasco that became of TomorrowWorld arose another significant debacle within the EDM industry: the decline of corporate mega-giant SFX Entertainment.

You may know SFX Entertainment as the front-runner of the live entertainment industry, but did you know that it was also the head of an entire EDM empire? It started back in 2012, when electronic music surged as a genre: This was the year that DJs truly started to take over the charts and SFX, as a leading live music corporation, saw huge opportunity in the sudden demand. CEO Robert Sillerman saw the genre’s great potential for growth and success, and quickly seized the moment.

In a recent NPR interview, Sillerman explains, "From a personal point of view, I've always loved to dance, but that's not why we got into this… The appeal was pure and simply to be attached to a generational movement."

SFX is currently the parent company of festivals like TomorrowLand, TomorrowWorld, Mysteryland, and Electric Zoo. It is the proprietor of music streaming service Beatport, ticketing company Paylogic, management company TMWRK, and other creative and digital marketing firms. In a single year since it took the reins on the growing EDM industry, SFX’s valuation as a company rose to more than $1 billion.

Today, however, something has shifted. In the last year, SFX has underwent multiple changes in management, and has suffered from financial complications. The value of SFX Entertainment now stands at less than $70 million.

SFX Entertainment’s troubles may change the EDM landscape, but it’s important to see that the problem here is not necessarily that SFX did wrong to the EDM industry. In fact, they helped bring more people in to appreciate and respect it. The problem is not that the EDM industry as a whole is declining, either.

The only fault here is that SFX Entertainment did not fully understand the fan-base nor the culture that supported the music they were marketing. According to one source at the company, “[SFX] didn’t tell the proper story about the culture and the evolution of the actual genre. It's ever-changing. We used it as a static point in time, and that's not what that genre's about."

Rather, he continues, “That genre is evolving,” and he couldn’t have said it any better. Electronic music, like its listeners, is innovative and progressive. SFX may have invested in the generational appeal of EDM music, but the company failed to recognize that much of today’s EDM fans thrive on the story, on the freedom, that electronic dance music offers. The money is not what matters here, but rather, the preservation of innovation, expression, and good nature that binds this community together.

rave tops for men

While critics are still reporting that the fall of SFX will bring about the decline of electronic music altogether, they seem to be forgetting one thing: Dance music has been here long before multi-million dollar festivals. Electronic dance music has existed in our ears and hearts long before major corporations saw the profit-potential in its rising popularity. Yes, some may still try to tackle the corporate EDM industry, but they can’t deny the truth: the artistry of electronic music and the PLUR of our beloved EDM community remains untouched—and we will not fall so easily.

Electronic music has evolved significantly since its roots in the 1970s. As it continues to change, to progress, to stand out, so does the rave culture surrounding it. EDM has long been a creative outlet for many fans, and electronic festivals have become a hub of self-expression. From animal suits to light up fluffies, denim overalls to rave one pieces, rave fashion has managed to stay true to itself while continuously evolving alongside the music scene.

blacklight rave clothing

In the 80s, techno, rave, and house music were born. Listeners were inspired by the new sounds, club-goers were inspired by the energy, and their clothing was inspired by a mix of the two. Raves made way into nightclubs and electronic music amplified the dance scene. Towards the end of the decade, you could find ravers wearing baggy and colorful clothing—clothing that was comfortable in the heat but also visually stimulating. Smiley faces, paisley prints, tie-dye, and other psychedelic images were go-to images on rave shirts. What’s amazing is that it doesn’t seem like too much has changed here. The early days of rave fashion have clearly inspired today’s: colorful tie-dye tees, for example, roused our tie-dye romper and the “bohemian” style of the 80s largely contributed to the positive nature of kandi.

tie-dye rave clothing

The late 90s became a time where even the electronic dance music scene was heavily influenced by hip-hop. Crop tops were paired with baggy sweatpants, wide-leg JNCO or “Phat” pants, and Adidas shoes. Graphic tees became most popular in this time, and have carried through to some of today’s best rave apparel. Yet the graphics have evolved since then, with processes like sublimation making rave tank tops and tees more enticing than ever before. It was the 90s rave scene that brought rave clothing to its next level. During this decade, cyber started to take over the dance floor and more and more people were wearing black contrasted with bright UV colors. Neon rave clothing and accessories are still popular today, only now we’ve replaced traditional glow sticks with more interactive, light up LED accessories.

As festivals like Nocturnal Wonderland and Mysteryland became popular, it was not uncommon to see ravers occasionally dress in animal suits or outfits influenced by their favorite cartoon characters. It was also not uncommon to see them accessorize with stuffed animals and pacifiers. As the millennium rolled around, more and more rave-goers traded in their baggy pants and converse for fun outfits that gave them the chance to act a little bit like a kid again.

rave gear

The growth of EDM has largely led rave fashion to where it is today. But rave clothing, in all its forms, has always made a statement. It has always followed the “dare to be different” mentality. While rave fashion continues to evolve, its inspiration remains the same. That inspiration comes from people who are wearing it. In the end, what people wear to raves is all about what they want to wear, what they want to be, in that moment. That is largely what raves, what electronic music festivals, are here to do. They allow us to escape from reality for a moment in time. They allow us to embrace ourselves—and who doesn’t appreciate that kind of self-expression?

Electronic dance music is a genre that is constantly evolving. It is music that, day in and day out, is being reevaluated and reinvented according to the wants and the needs of listeners worldwide.

While some critics may try to see EDM as just another fad, today’s rave culture knows that it is here to stay. To fans, to DJs, to audiophiles all over the globe, electronic music is an ever-growing genre: in our ears, in our hearts, on the stage, and on the charts. Now we’ve done the research to prove it.

Our team at Dem Vibes has put together the following infographic to show you all just how much of an impact EDM has made on the music industry today. Its success is largely because of you. Since its Detroit roots in the 1970s, EDM has only continued to evolve— it has gained great recognition at the Grammys, in magazines, and respect from the entire commercial music industry. From house music to dub step, the sub-genres of electronic music have made up some of the most epic live music events today—ones that get more attention and attendance than any other genre of music.

Did you know that live music constitutes the largest part of the global EDM industry? That’s because fans like you, on average, attend 3 to 5 EDM festivals or live events per year! If you witnessed DaftPunk’s debut performance at Coachella in 2006, or saw Bassnectar’s unbelievable light show at the most recent EDC Vegas, you likely already know that electronic music is only progressing forward.

No one can really say that EDM is only a genre of the time, that it is temporary or that it is fleeting. Because the beauty of electronic dance music is that it evolves with the times. With today’s access to technology, music software, talented artists, and the undeniable contagion that its beats carry through the speakers, it is no wonder that EDM is at the highest point it has ever been. Even still, we believe that it is only getting started.

Read on for more information about the growth of the EDM industry. We also encourage you to check out our pages of EDM artists for the latest, up-and-coming DJs. If you and your friends have an EDM festival forecasted for the near future, be sure to get the latest Dem Vibes gear in time for the show. It will undoubtedly be an event to remember.


Have you ever noticed that most EDM artists we see in the limelight are men? There’s no excuse for the scene to be such a boy’s club so I’d like to take a moment today to give a few of my favorite female DJs the love they deserve. Not only do all of these ladies have some serious talent behind the turntables but each of them has a really cool and unique sense of style that is an inspiration to us all! And when it comes to EDM fashion for women, who better to turn to than the ones standing at the helm?

Here are the top 5 damn good djs right now (who just happen to be girls) and some tips on how you can achieve their style:

rave fashion for women


Australian twins Miriam and Olivia Nervo got their start as song-writers, which led to co-writing the Grammy Award-winning single “When Love Takes Over” performed by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. That was just the beginning for this dynamic duo, they’ve been topping the charts all over the world ever since and booking major festivals like Electric Zoo, Ultra and Tomorrowland. These girls put on such a great show - they’re natural performers, for sure – and they’re not afraid to be bold when it comes to their outfits. You’ll often see them in rave costumes or big bright glitzy patterns. Inspired by their look? Pick up one of our coolest rave one pieces, the Tiger UV Rave Romper! It glows under UV light!

rave outfits for women 

Maya Jane Coles

Hailing from London, Maya’s impressive downtempo beats have made her an international hit in just a few short years. She arrived on the scene in 2010 and has already recorded two BBC Radio 1 Essential Mixes and won endless awards for her work. Under her real name she mixes mostly house music, while her alias Nocturnal Sunshine produces dubstep-inspired tracks. On and off the stage, Maya really plays to a dark side, which I can totally appreciate. It reminds me of the early days of dance music and it’s origins in Detroit and LA. Her punk style is evident in her cute haircut that never stays one color for very long. For a look inspired by her and her music, try a pair of "black X marks the spot" rave pasties and the black mesh triangle top.

For all my Tomorrowworld Ravers, catch her this week at Tomorrowworld on Saturday night!



Tokimosta, aka Jennifer Lee, first caught my eye at EDC LV this year. Her sick beats and fresh style really made her stand out. Then I found out she was the first female artist to sign to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label which is where she released her Midnight Menu LP in 2010. Huge! Not to mention, this LA native’s style does not disappoint. She’s really got the LA street fashion cool girl look down pat: the pastel hair, bright red lip and whimsical pop-y prints. For an outfit inspired by this electronic goddess, try a rave one-piece paired with a snapback Dem Vibes Rave hat.



Magda was born in Poland but raised in the birthplace of the underground dance music scene, Detroit. In 1998 she joined Minus Records and began touring with Richie Hawtin. It was through his tutelage that she really developed her minimalist style but her femininity and energy are what helped her top the charts and become known as the “Queen of Minimal”. For a minimal look a la Magda, try the "Triangles and Circles" rave leggings and the matching Triangles and Circles Rave Crop Top.

 edm fashion

Alison Wonderland

Alison is bit of a newcomer on the scene - she just released her debut album Run via EMI Australia in March 2015- but this Australian native is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Her music is bold and eclectic – her sounds range from pop to techno, trap to future beats and more – and her shows are epic with striking videos and light shows to match. It’s no surprise her fashion style reflects her music and you’ll often find her sporting super simple graphic tees on top but then party pants on the bottom. Get her style by rocking these Unicorn Rave leggings!

Remember, any of these outfits can always be taken to the next level with some accessories. Check out the Women’s Rave Accessories section on the Dem Vibes website.

Who are your favorite female djs right now? Let me know in the Facebook comments. And we want to see your rave fashion! Tag us on Insta @DemVibesGear. 



EDC Orlando

Have you guys SEEN the lineup for EDC Orlando in early November? Let’s review: Andy C, Audien, KASKADE, Bassnector, Calvin Harris, Seven Lions, and the list goes on and on.

EDC Orlando line-up

I LOVE Insomniac Events. Insomniac Founder, Pasquale Rotella, never fails to deliver an incredible experience. Not only is the lineup always top notch, but they really put a focus on the atmosphere and the culture of EDM. This is evident in the fact that Pasquale refers to the festival-goers as the “Headliners”. Insomniac encourages attendees to share in the excitement of the scene by dressing up in costumes, creating fun totems and doing whatever they can to enhance the experience of the festival for themselves and each other.

So, if there is any festival to pull out all the stops with your outfit, EDC Orlando is the one! EDC fashion is all about that enthusiasm for the music and the scene and the magical energy it all creates. Here are some tips and inspiration for your EDC Orlando outfit to get you all looking sharp under the Electric Sky!

Daisies! And Neon everything

The daisy theme runs strong at EDC – it’s called Electric Daisy Carnival, after all! And as I mentioned previously, flowers- especially daisies- can brighten up anyone’s mood. Put them in your hair, put them in your bra, on your belt, on your shoes, everywhere and anywhere. The more daisies the merrier. And it wouldn’t be a rave without neon! This Lips Racerback Rave Tank is fluorescent blacklight reflective-ie it lights up when you are at the stages! Or how about this Mesh Bikini Top in Pink and Mesh Bikini Top in Black with a pair of flower pasties? You got this girl – rock it!

rave bras 

Rave Outfits for Girls

The Rave Bra + Tutu combo outfit may be the most popular outfit at EDC and it is one of my favorite looks. It’s beautiful, sexy and honestly, very freeing. Rave bras are really an art form. Here at Dem Vibes, one of our founders, Aubrey, hand-makes each and every bra we sell– each gem and flower is placed with so much PLUR. Pair with some leg wraps or fishnets and some matching fluffies and you’re lookin’ fly!

Another perfect option for this festival is a rave one piece for women. I know I raved about them in my last post, but my opinion still stands that one pieces are so hot right now and such a smart move! For EDC Orlando, I’d recommend this Floral Trance O-Ring Rave One Piece, mainly because of the flowers and it’s so darn cute.

rave clothing for women 

Brightly Colored Rave Tank Tops for Guys (and Girls!)

The EDC mascot is the Owl, so it’s always fun seeing the owl theme all over this festival. The Neon Owl Rave Tank and matching Neon Owl Racerback Tank are super vibrant, a little trippy, and the perfect way to match bae! Another killer shirt is this Eye Tank. Those colors *POP* like you wouldn’t believe. While you’re at it, grab a pair of those Kaleidoscope Glasses and your brain will melt with the amazing visual displays!

rave clothing for men 



Lastly, you’ll definitely want to bring your kandi to this rave. Like I mentioned before, Pasquale really encourages the Headliners to connect with one another and trading kandi is a great way of doing that!!

See you all under the Electric Sky at EDC Orlando! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with @demvibesgear. xoJess

Going to an upcoming EDM festival, like TomorrowWorld, and don’t know what to pack? Don’t worry, we've got you covered!

First things first, when you’re starting to plan your festival outfits for your next rave, check the weather forecast. Generally, for summer festivals like EDC, Electric Zoo and Tomorroworld, rave tank tops will be your go-tos, guys. You can’t have enough of them and these sick tanks from Dem Vibes will make you stand out in the crowd.

rave tank tops for men

And for my ladies, rave tops, rave one pieces and rave booty shorts will be your staples. Maybe you are going to Snow Globe in Lake Tahoe for New Years Eve? Grab a pair of amazing leggings and a furry light up rave hoody to keep you warm. Wherever you’re headed, you’ll also want to make sure to throw a bunch of rave accessories in your bag like light up jewelry, flower crowns, and kaleidoscope glasses to enhance your festival experience.

womens rave accessories

When packing for the night of the show I love being prepared for anything, but less is more when it comes to packing for a big festival! Most festivals won’t allow bags larger than 12” by 12” so I carry a small fanny-pack or a camelback that will carry my most essential items. Dem Vibes carries a magical pack called the Drop Pack– this thing holds more than you would imagine. PLUS the elastic band fits super snug to your body, so it doesn’t bounce around when the beat drops. Get it, *drop* pack? ;)

Then, my festival essentials are as follows:

  1. Phone
  2. Small card wallet for my ID and a credit card... or two
  3. Cash for emergencies
  4. Kaleidoscope Glasses and/or Diffraction glasses
  5. Chap stick or lip gloss*
  6. Gum*
  7. Emergen C
  8. A single dose of Aspirin
  9. Festival Maps
  10. Napkins (can act as TP in a pinch!)
  11. Hand sanitizer *
  12. Lighter
  13. Sunscreen *
  14. Extra batteries

NOTE: generally anything marked with a * may need to be sealed to get through security. This means, for a three day festival, you will need to buy three packs of sealed gum.

Many festivals, like TomorrowWorld, are adopting cashless currencies where you load money onto your bracelet. Your bracelet is then used to pay food and drink vendors as opposed to cash or your credit card. It does make things a little bit easier and faster at the festival, but make sure to load up your bracelet BEFORE going in or else you may get stuck empty handed at the front of the smoothie line.

Something else I would HIGHLY recommend bringing the night of the festival is a rave totem. Totems got started as a way to find your friends in a crowd at a massive festival, but then festival goers started getting creative with them. They can be so fun! I cannot stress enough how important these things can be when you have a large squad! With the totem you can feel at ease about wandering off to see your favorite DJ at another stage because it will be easy to come back and find your friends afterwards. NOTE: It is a bonus if the totem lights up!

what to bring to a music festival

And last but certainly not least, bring your smile and good vibes! We’re all at the rave to listen to amazing music, dance our butts off and have fun, so even if you forget everything else, don’t leave your smile at home.With PLUR,