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Our Rave Tank Tops and Rave T Shirts

The love children of BASS and PLUR, the Dem Vibes rave tank tops and rave t shirts are inspired by the EDM lifestyle. Face melting graphics combine with lavish colors to strike the perfect balance between badass and beautiful. This balancing act is not novel; indeed it is inspired by the very music that moves us as one at the rave. After all, is EDM not filled with huge bass lines and beautiful melodies? It is this combination which gives our designs "dem vibes".

Our men's rave clothing took a long time to get right. We searched the world for the perfect material to keep you comfortable and keep the graphics vivid. Our high tech synthetic polyester blend is not your average sublimation material. It feels like a shirt, not a jersey, yet is soft to touch and retains its color wash after wash. Always unique and vibrant, these tank tops and tee shirts will stand out at any rave, festival or club and are guaranteed to melt faces.

Kaleidoscope Eyewear

Kaleidoscope Glasses and Kaleidoscope Goggles were made to send you deep down the Dem Vibes rabbit hole. Not to be confused with their psychedelic cousin, the Diffraction Glasses, kaleidoscope glasses and kaleidoscope goggles transport you to a new world by immersing you with bountiful rainbows and endless spirals. If you are looking for the ultimate rave accessories, you find em. Not only are Dem Vibes kaleidoscope glasses and kaleidoscope goggles super trippy, they are also super light weight so you can dance all night. Grab your own pair and come join our secret world, you will never "look" back.

Rave Headwear
Us ravers aren't difficult to understand; we live for human connection, compassion and huge bass drops. PLUR is our mantra and we practice it both inside and outside of the rave. So, when we created our snapback rave hats, we wanted to make a special product which represented our EDM lifestyle; a hat you can wear at EDC's kinetic field or out to dinner with your friends. Our hats compliment your rave clothing and your way of life; they show your commitment to being PLUR everyday, not just inside the rave.
Our hats all have a snapback strap so they are truly one size fits all. Also, every rave hat we sell comes with a 30 day return policy. If you are anything less than 100% satisfied then send it back and we will refund you.

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